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Published on Thursday, 15. October 2021

Hey there,

Stephan here with a small (and actually the first) update on this newly formed blog 🎉.

📬 Feedback

First of all: If you have any wishes/ideas/whatever, please reach out to me. Feedback is incredibly helpful to push the tool in the right direction, thanks 🙏:

💬 Introduction

I admire the talk “Build The Right It” by Alberto Savoia:

"Build The Right It" by Alberto Savoia

Thus I am thinking hard on how to proceed with the Interface Index. It’s very different from a traditional designer’s or a developer’s job where you mostly enhance parts of a system, but work less on an overall strategy.

Eventually I’d want to earn money with the Index (maybe like StackOverflow i.e. open access but profitable) but whether this is even possible, nobody knows.

But now to actual “news”:

I added a search bar to the site. It’s also already in focus when you enter the site so you can quickly find what you’re searching for. For now it works with tags only but likely more eventually.

🕵️ I now added search to

It's automatically in focus when you enter the site so you can search instantly 🚤

— Stephan Bogner (@st_phan) October 11, 2021

🏷 2. SEO

A friend sent me an interesting article from about “the long tail” of search keywords which – in its essence – talks about SEO-content generated from data.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has a bad reputation because it’s associated with garbage content to trick search engines … BUT … in its essence it just means making content easier to find via Google/Bing/etc.

In the future I’d want you to be able to find interface elements just by googling (or DuckDuckGoing 😉). So as a first step into that direction, every interface element has now an automatically generated content summary.

And I worked a bit on something important that has a bad reputation ... SEO

👉 Every page now has automatically generated description to make it (a bit more) discoverable

🔎 Eventually you should just google for UI patterns and stumble upon the Interface Index 🙂

— Stephan Bogner (@st_phan) October 11, 2021

📊 3. Public data

I believe in 2021 it’s more important than ever that companies are transparent. Trust has been broken too many times, which – I believe – can only be regained by providing transparency.

“Who Can You Trust” is a book worth reading by Rachel Botsman on how trust has shifted.

The Interface Index is not a company (yet), but you can now look at all analytics data:

Chart showing visitor data from the Interface Index

✨ 4. Better tools, new content

I had to enhance the workflow I am using to generate all the screenshots, because Figma had a bug where exports turned out blurry.

If you are curious about the workflow, I spoke about it here:

Design tool @figmadesign as a database? 🤔
This is my workflow for a new project I am working on:

— Stephan Bogner (@st_phan) August 10, 2021

Anyway, that should be fixed now and I added more UI elements from Plausible Analytics and I newly added Airtable.

I have a long list of products worth adding. My plan is to add inspiration from across the board to get a wide variety of content – from tabs, over tables to view cubes.

📰 5. Public mentions

It’s awesome to see that the Index is mentioned (and liked?!) by people that don’t know me at all:

That’s it for the first update, thanks for reading!

✌️ Stephan