Contribute via Google Form (recommended)

Unfortunately Google Forms requires to be logged in to upload files – alternatively you can send your submission via email.

FYI: If I can earn money with the Interface Index I'll switch to a paid typeform account that doesn't require login.

Go to form

Contribute via email

If you don't have a Google Account or don't want to login you can also send submissions via email: Good: Whole screenshots of the application/service. Bad: The individual interface elements screenshotted

Legal disclaimer:

To make sure I can legally use your contribution – by submitting content you agree that:
(1) Your submission can be used for the Interface Index in any way
(2) That you took the screenshots yourself or have the rights to upload them
(3) That you transfer any rights or ownership you might have on the submission to the Interface Index
Sorry to ask that but as they say: better safe than sorry.

How to contribute:

  1. Take one or more screenshots of the whole application/service
  2. In the email add a description of the interface elements and useful tags for them
  3. (Optional) Public contributor name: I am thinking about showing contributors' names. If that happens and you want your name (or alias/nickname/etc.) publicly visible, please include that
  4. Send everything to mail [at] interface-index [•] com